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Fader, Sends- and Insertslots with fixed sizing

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asked Jan 28 in Mixing by Awake1994 (2,040 points)

I'm working on two machines, MacBook and MacMini with, of course, different display sizes.

Saving a song on the MacmIni e.g. and opening on the MacBook all looks fine, the height of the faders looking like they where saved on the MacMini. Editing and saving on the MacBook then opening on the MacMini, the height of the faders are around doubled. When adding an send, the send slots are out of line, which means, that the top of the slot is completly down, in other channels, the height of the slots are ok.

So, for me it will be fine, when there's an option in the scene, to save the actual sizing of faders, send- and insertslots.


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