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Faderflip on ioStation-Fader

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asked Jul 17, 2023 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by andreasneudecker (140 points)
Hello to everybody at Presonus.

I appreciate the new Faderflip-Function in S1 V6. It makes things so much easier. It would be just better, if the fader on my ioStation24c would be assigned by default to the green send fader(s), so that the ioStation-Fader could control the selected send. May it be possible to add this in a future update?

Thanks, kind regards,


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answered Mar 13 by ShawnBrown1749 (390 points)
Came in looking to figure out how to control a send (reverb amount). Tried FADERFLIP, which works on the ipad and mac, but cant for the life of me figure out how to control that with the IOStation.  Even with FaderFlip on, it will only control the Volume on that channel even in FaderFlip.  

If this request is for solving for that, i'm in!