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Hey Presonus, you NEED to improve your SHORTCUTS!

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asked Dec 27, 2020 in Editing by kisnou (4,120 points)
edited Jan 21, 2021 by kisnou
Presonus, I am here to tell you that you really need to improve your shortcuts system.
There are missing shortcuts (some actions can only be done by clicking with the mouse cursor) and some misleading names. It's not the first time I see Gregor or Joe talk  about how some shortcuts are misleading or that they don't know what those shortcuts do, because yes, some shortcuts don't do anything sometimes.

So I'm here to ask you to double check ALL your shortcuts and Macros. Possibly adding information about what each of them does (Psst, you have the description notes to help your users understand each Macro, use it, cause you left it empty!) and maybe a search bar for the Macros as well (or an alphabetical sorting system).

SHORTCUT improvements:
- Remove Bend Markers (this shortcut removes ALL bend markers, without the possibility to remove just ONE bend marker)
Please add a shortcut to remove just one bend marker, so we can use the workflow suggested by Gregor properly. We might be able to to TAB (Next Transient) / Shift+TAB (previous transient), then insert a bend marker and remove a single bend marker, all without the need of the mouse. Undo is a workaround but NOT IDEAL since it just rewinds what you have done, without the possibility to target a specific bend marker and remove it.

- Show/Hide bend markers (eye icon in the audio bend menu): Missing a shortcut for this action. A toggle would be great.

- Input Gain controls (the input knob above the phase inversion icons): Missing a shortcut for this action. It will be useful to create a track with a specific gain input and create better macros. Possibly with the argument to choose a specific value for the input gain. Without this I have to manually open the input controls everytime, and set an input gain with my mouse. NOT ideal.

- Audio/Midi Track Templates: Incredibly useful. You have default presets for everything, but not for audio and midi tracks. Let's add this! With the input gain control shortcut mentioned earlier, I will be able to create a default audio/midi track with a -6db input gain (or any other value) for headroom.
This is incredibly useful! We won't need to add a mixtool in the insert chain just to reduce the input gain.

- Next/Previous hotspot and Focus Next confusing behavior

- Next/Previous hotspot and Focus Next/Previous are not useful when analyzing an audio file and making S1 create some bend markers, BECAUSE:
Even with these 4 shortcuts, you can only move from transient to transient and not from bend marker to bend marker. There is no shortcut for this action. If S1 places some bend markers after the transient, you won't be able to move from each bend marker to bend marker, but instead you will only move from transient to transient. This way you will have to use the mouse to search and select a specific bend marker. NOT ideal again.

I am willing to provide more help and suggestions, but I am sure that many users have other complaints about shortcuts.
If they don't, it's probably because they haven't explored the list properly. I did, from start to finish, and there are many problems in there.

Everytime it seems like Presonus is SO close to achieving great results, but each and everytime there are obstacles on the way to make you waste time and just confuse you.
So please, Presonus: if you need help setting up shortcuts, there's nothing bad in asking for suggestions. There are producers and musicians with years of experience who can help make this DAW much better than what it is now, and it really requires something simple as fixing shortcuts to already make a significant improvement.

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answered Dec 28, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (257,040 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Dec 27, 2020 by kisnou (4,120 points)
Another one:

- There is no possibility to move from a chord track or arranger section to the track while using ranges.
EXAMPLE: Click your preferred segment in the arranger or a chord -> create ranges -> (the range is greyed out) then there is no shortcut to actually SELECT the range, so you have to click it (so it becomes highlighted)-> only at this point you can split all the events for example with the shortcut Split.

There is no shortcut to go from Create Range to Select Range. This would help set up Macros, for example I would be able to do all this in one key command, if there was a shortcut to select/hightlight the range.
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answered Jan 4, 2021 by joeljossie (5,340 points)
Totally agree. There's so much potential power in shortcuts and macros, but their implementation in S1 is *this* close. It's like the feature is currently a prototype, not a full-fledged part of the DAW. For example, the process of building macros is pretty tedious as it stands. Isn't this the "drag-n-drop" DAW? How come I have to click "add>>" and "up" and "down" buttons for every single action? The whole user experience there seems half-baked.
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answered Jan 5, 2021 by kisnou (4,120 points)
Thanks Joe. Half-baked is the right term. Keep sharing this so it gets the attention it deserves.
I know S1 is still growing and pretty new, but this is something that doesn't take much time to make.

The Macros still don't have a search bar (but the shortcuts do) and feature an alphabetical order for group names only. Presonus could make a huge difference just by fixing all these little things.
I think they should either take the Q&A forum more seriously, or directly ask for suggestions/surveys to the users. It seems like it is hard to reach out when there are some serious feature suggestions.

I believe part of this feeling is caused by the enormous quantity of people using the Q&A as a support/assistance system, when there's tickets for that type of thing!