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disable confirmation box for "add layer"

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asked Feb 17, 2023 in Recording by bentravis (860 points)
Hey guys.  I have looked all over the web and this forum for the answer to this question, so please pardon me if somehow I missed the answer.

When I used to "add layer" (for example, I play a piano track, then click "add layer" so that the audio I recorded goes to a layer and I'm ready to record another take), it would just do it.  But on some update, it started having a confirmation box.  So I have a keyboard shortcut set up, and I hit it, and instead of simply adding the layer, it pops a window up, and I have to now hit "ok" to confirm this action.  I guess what I'm wondering is, is this a setting that got tweaked, or did they change the functionality entirely?  If the second one, PLEASE give us the option to turn that confirmation box off.  This has slowed down my workflow for many months now.  

I just got a Faderport and made one of the user defined buttons "add layer," but then realized it's fairly pointless, as I still have to go over to my keyboard and hit "Enter" every time I hit the user-defined button.



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