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Connect 32R and 16R to have 28 inputs

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asked Feb 9, 2023 in StudioLive Series III by andrea.mazzocchi (170 points)
Can I connect a StudioLive Series III 32R and a StudioLive Series III 16R thorough AVB to have a single 38ch mixer that i can control via UCSoftware?

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answered Mar 2, 2023 by mackjohnson1 (77,570 points)
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The 32R and 16R would still only give you 32 channels. If you need more than 32 channels you would need an SL64S and a stagebox or rack mixer.
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answered Apr 2, 2023 by kirkenihalden (750 points)
You can get inputs from other AVB units in to the 32R, but that will not increase the max numbers of channels on the mixer. If you need 48 inputs you will have to set up the 16R as a submixer and pipe the submix in to your main mixer through e.g. one of the Aux inputs. (32R does not have physical Aux inputs, but it has two stereo Aux ins through AVB or USB.)