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Add fades on selection with only one shortcut

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asked Feb 13, 2023 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by caramiafrederick (2,970 points)
Hello, can you add the fades/crossfades on selection with only one shortcut ( F in protools). Better for the workflow.


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answered Feb 13, 2023 by tothrec (31,840 points)
Could you elaborate a bit?  I can't tell what you are asking for.


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answered Apr 28, 2023 by caramiafrederick (2,970 points)
In protools and cubase, if you select a part of an event and press « F », it does a fade in or fade out if the selection is in the end of the event.

If you select 2 events crossing, if you press « F » it also do a crossfade.

only one shortkey (« f ») for all fades/crossfades)