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Different look and behaviour for Arrow Tool and Range Tool selection rectangles to better identify them from each other

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asked Feb 15 in Look and Feel by alexbulgakov (5,080 points)
edited Feb 19 by alexbulgakov

Arrow Tool and Range Tool selections look the same. What about remove the cyan color fill and track width snap for the Arrow Tool selection to better identify that from Range Tool selection (like in other DAWs)?

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answered Feb 16 by tothrec (31,720 points)
*How* you make a Range selection should not determine how the selection appears, should it?

I'm probably not understanding the problem you are describing.

Could you provide the list of steps for each type of selection?
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answered Feb 19 by alexbulgakov (5,080 points)
I just suggest to make those "selection rectangles" of Arrow and Range tools to be different. Selection works differently depending on the picked tool, so why don't they look different too?