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Incorrect AAF export

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asked Feb 15 in Studio One 6 by alexanderreze (160 points)
So I'm syncing SFX and music to video. When I do SFX and export it as AAF, the exporting process runs smoothly without any problems, but when I open it, most of the audio events are out of their original timing (places where I located them). And when I'm syncing music, my project also contains up to 100 musical tracks, and when I'm trying to export it as AAF, there is an error, saying "Could not save "name"! The file is in use. I tried literally everything - different projects, different settings, and even tried to convert all the files from the "Media" folder to the same sample rate and bit depth, but nothing changed the outcome. Because of this, I had to switch to another daw, but it's nowhere near being as good as S1. Please help

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answered Mar 26 by davidgroeneveld (2,880 points)
I'm going to confirm there is something wrong here. Can you please report this to support, just in case there is something that needs fixing? AAF is a weird format that is interpreted differently by different programs based on how these programs work normally.

Now, I got your song file to check what happens. When I bounced every file before the conversion to AAF all was fine again. It looks to have something to do with the audio files because as soon as those are completely in sync with the song file it all exports correctly. If you need a quick fix, just select all the events, do a ctrl B to bounce, then do the conversion/export to AAF.