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AAF - Render Melodyne tracks first? How do i know which tracks have been used Melodyne?

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asked Apr 28, 2021 in Studio One 5 by bryanpoole (150 points)

i'm transferring a large project over to Pro Tools using AAF.

do i need to render any track that used Melodyne before transferring via AAF?

how can i see all of the tracks that used Melodyne?  in the Pool?


2 Answers

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answered May 1, 2021 by tothrec (31,680 points)
Even if we aren't transferring a project to another DAW, it would still be nice to know if a given clip has had Melodyne applied.

All we can tell is that something has been done and Rendered.

Does anyone know how to tell *what* has been rendered on a given clip?  Is there a history?
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answered May 2, 2021 by aka_busker (32,870 points)
It is possible.  Use the inspector and check for Event Effects.  There should be Melodyne there under event effects.  Please give me a few hours so I can double check, but I tend to see what looks like long tail midi notes over the top of the event that has been edited with Melodyne.  I am away from my computer but about to a session up to double check.  I just need to record some bad guitar or a naff vocal to try it and post pictures. #### It's worth noting that you can bounce to another track your processed Melodyne so the effect is printed to the track.