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Studio 1824c: "Auto Power On" once supply voltage is switched on

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asked Feb 18, 2020 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by bodobesselmann (250 points)
Hi, I suggest to add a checkbox to Universal Control for 'Auto Power ON'. When checked, Studio 1824c (or other connected devices) switches on automatically once power supply is switched on. No press on Power Switch required.

This would allow a 'main switch' for bigger setups with many devices, all devices start working once main plug is put into wall socket. Basically, it's a "simulation" of the good old mechanical power switch.

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answered Mar 2, 2020 by AlexTinsley (924,290 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Jul 21, 2021 by grgoirebosset (150 points)
Hi, I found an hardware way to do this. Just put a piece of tape on the main switch to keep it ON all the time. It will be working....
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answered Mar 23, 2022 by ferdinanddemarezoyens (1,980 points)
I would like to echo this request for the Quantum series.

All my (outboard) gear is powered on by two main switches. Everything comes on except the Quantum. When I start Studio One without the Quantum being on, I get a warning. I can then power on the Quantum, but after this (on Windows) the outputs don't work. The only way around this is to reboot the computer. Pleas make the Quantum go on once the power is on, or at least a setting to achieve this.
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answered Jun 6, 2022 by jasonking21 (240 points)

+1 for all Quantum series! You should not have to power these things on!

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answered Aug 1, 2022 by quadjojo (430 points)
+1. Yes PLEASE add this function... Its annoying having to power on the Interface seperatly every time.

The Button is a Soft Power on, so it would theoretically be possible?

Thank you!!!

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answered Aug 21, 2022 by nicolasbliard (180 points)
I'm a french user so sorry for my english ^^

I'm using wifi switch to power on my PC and all my devices, my sound is plugged into another plug with a wifi switch too. My PC is auto power on when power comes, all my sound devices switch on when wifi switch say on... except my presonus 1824c.

So I share the opinion of other users... Please please do something to let us choose if we want auto power on or not...

I think this single "problem" could make me another choice when i bought your 1824C device after a Studio 68C... So it's so sad to see maybe other users can be disappointed just for this "idiot" thing :(

I stay in touch and I cross my fingers...