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Feature Request: Improved Live Performance / Jamming Mode

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asked Feb 16, 2023 in Recording by kraigwinterbottom (270 points)
Hey Presonus!

While I absolutely adore S1, I'm recently becoming more and more jealous of the features that Ableton and Bitwig have for live performance. While the S1 Performance features were a welcome addition, they don't do anything for those of us who want to experiment and create on the fly with looping / jamming features which are more tailored to the musician than the mix engineer / producer. There is something very creatively inspiring about having software that can react to your ideas in realtime.

I appreciate this is a rather nebulous request but I'd rather not over-prescribe the solutions here. Since the early days, Presonus has proven that their take on UX design is unbeatable so I trust your designers will come up with some great solutions to fill this gap.

Thanks for your time, I hope this is something you will consider for a future release. I personally feel like this way of working is becoming more and more the future of music production with more and more hardware controllers coming out to support this growing trend.

Cheers :)

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answered Aug 29, 2023 by mariotru (230 points)