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How do I Send pre-fade without my inserts?

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asked Feb 19 in Studio One 6 by kraigwinterbottom (270 points)

Does anyone have an idea of how you are supposed to route to a Send pre-inserts? I tried pre-fade as one would expect to but that is quite literally just pre-fader it seems, not pre-insert.

I just want the raw signal so I can throw it into a send with a bunch of delays and reverbs and want the signal as clean as possible without having to make a whole other track.


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answered Feb 23 by tothrec (31,720 points)
I see what you mean.  I can't find a toggle to provide pre-insert on a Send.

I can offer that you go about your solution in a different way.

Use the powerful "Routing" capability instead of using the Send.

When you open one of the currently-inserted effects, you can click on the little tree (a node with two nodes under it).

Create two pathways: 1. your normal plug-ins 2. the plug-ins you wanted to use as pre-plug-in send.

Plan B:

Don't place any plug-ins on the original track.

Instead, send it to two different buses and do your parallel processing on those.

Hope this helps,