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Direct jumps beetween two values in for example in all kind automation (CC for example)

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asked Feb 23, 2023 in MIDI Editing by juha-pekkakuusela (1,160 points)
Direct jumps beetween two values in  for example in all kind automation (CC for example). i mean value is 49 and i want next value 71.(numbers are example) no single inbeetween values. I know is possible do with rectangle tool and few addinational steps (is slow when you want focus composing and you have complex song i think two steps needs when i try do it carefully without mistakes takes my slowness about minute and when we have for example sixteen notes in multiple times you start see how slow can be if you cannot simply copy automation (what you can somecases do)) and usage is for example when sample library dynamics is controlled with CC11. and i need control note volumes for xylophone/cello pizzicatto (example instruments). and i cannot use velocity becouse i cannot automate velocity when i use build in trill/tremolo engines (what are btw one reason why i use studio one). i adding such tool should not be hard at all i feel (i programmed some things i understand coding somelevel). i feel most other tools what i know allow such midi editing and this feature i mean midi controller automation also other automations.CC=Control Change.

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