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Horizontal scrolling on the timeline for operations not described in the manual

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asked Feb 25, 2023 in Studio One 6 by Humanism (160 points)

I've been learning how to use music and software at the same time.

I'm from Japan, so please excuse my poor language. ;)

This time, I was trying to understand the scroll-related operations firmly and customize them in my own way.

And I heard small rumors from reviews and individual influencers, not from the official,

I learned that you can scroll horizontally by clicking the timeline ruler(I had a hard time figuring out the name...;)) and dragging it left or right.

While looking at the manuals and articles presented by the official, I did a word search to see if I had missed anything, but there was no information that horizontal scrolling was possible from the reference manual in both the Japanese and English versions.

(There was a description of clicking and dragging vertically on the page that describes zooming.)

Are there other operations like this that are not described in the manual?

Or is it just that the description is missing?

I'm thinking of grasping it and making use of it for various things in the future, but I'm in trouble because I don't have much information.

I would be happy to hear various information.

thank you.

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answered Feb 26, 2023 by tothrec (32,250 points)
Are you looking for clarification on how you can scroll in various ways or are you suggesting some improvements to the English and/or Japanese reference guides?
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answered Feb 27, 2023 by Humanism (160 points)


Thank you for your response‼︎

Yes, Basically I would like to know how to scroll and if there are any other hidden controls not listed.