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Saving clips/cuts as unique audio files. Please Help!

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asked Mar 8 in Studio One 6 by janissmedins (120 points)

Hello friends.
Is there an option to save clips/cuts/audio events separately?  For example I have a recording of a concert and there's a tom track.
I separated every tom sound from it so I don't have an audio file containing bleed or silence for the most of the audio file. Also freeing up space on my hdd since the concert is 2 hours long. I know that you can use "Bounce Selection" tool. But to go through clips of the whole concert recording doing it manually will be a lot of pain.

In pro tools there was an option to save a project copy and only keep the audio files that's in your main playlist.
Also if I'm not mistaking in pro tools every time you cut a file it automatically makes the cut a unique clip. Is that an option?

Here's a screenshot of the project. So basically I would like to know is there a way to saving each cut/clip as a unique audio file.

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