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How can I disable the DAW controls when pressed to keep from sending midi notes when a VST is armed?

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asked Mar 29, 2023 in ioStation24c by robertedmondson2 (140 points)
I use Cubase 12. When I have a track that is armed for all midi controllers, the I/O Station DAW controls, lets say the "Record" button, will trigger a midi note in the armed VST when I push it to start recording a midi performance thru my controller. Cubase will react and begin recording as expected, but if there is a midi event before the new one being recorded, the previous event will be affect in random ways, like new notes drawn on top of the event. Really weird. Also, the "Click" DAW control button brings up the console mixer window in Cubase, and does not enable/ disable the metronome. Holding shift does not work, and "F2" is listed below "Click", when F3 on a keyboard brings up the mixer window..? Anyone know what's going on?

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answered Mar 30, 2023 by ryanm1 (8,350 points)
Isn't this a question for the Cubase forums?