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Using External FX with StudioLive 32S and Pro Tools

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asked Jan 11 in StudioLive Series III by tomrawlings (380 points)
I am using a StudioLive 32S console and Pro Tools 2021.3.1 on a Mac Mini OS 10.15.7 Catalina. I'm trying to figure out how to route external FX using the console and Pro Tools.

On the 32S I am using the mixes as my outs (mixes 5-10). So mix 5, for example, goes out of the 32S and into one of the external FX processors. I am not sure how to get the signal back into the board in a way that Pro Tools will understand. Right now I am coming out of the external FX processor(s) back into individual channels (5-10 as well).

In Pro Tools, I select an output corresponding to the channel of my mix. In this case, mix 1-8 are going to sends 41-48 and 9-16 are going to sends 49-56. So for mix 5, I am selecting output 45 as one of the sends in Pro Tools. If I return from my external gear to one of the input channels not only do I not hear any change in the track from the external gear, but I am getting a "flutter" which tells me that I have done something wrong. I can come back into one of the AUX inputs, but there are only 2 (stereo) and I have no idea how to get Pro Tools to understand that I am coming into an AUX input.

The solution is probably pretty simple but I can't figure out how to get this to work. Any help?

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