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Symbols and names for assigning to Sound Variations are incomplete.

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asked Apr 6 in Score Editor by johnwaylett (1,190 points)
When assigning symbols to Sound Variation techniques we need an option to assign our own technique name. The current list of symbols and names are limited. For example, one of the very common violin techniques found on most modern VSTs is the Flautando .. there is no option for this.

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answered Jun 13 by adolfoalvarezconstanzo (520 points)
Hello John,

Today I looked for that option too and unfortunately is not available in the strings technics, as well as the armonics for harp also are not available, and in order that presonus set this options , depends on how many person votes for the request. At least you have mine , but I think it won't be enough for seeing this option in a near future.

Greetings .