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Dynamics symbols (hairpins and 'cres./dim.' included) should be tied to any MIDI CC (and Velocity as well)

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asked Jul 24, 2021 in Score Editor by adrianocabreira1 (360 points)
Since all modern VSTi sound libraries dynamics are commanded by MIDI CC unlike older external gear, the request.

The Notion approach (CC and/or velocity, separate tables) is excellent and would turn SO Score Editor along Sound Variations top amongst top DAWs.

Thanks in advance.

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answered Jul 28, 2021 by eoinroe (270 points)
It is a shame that you can do this in Cubase but not in Studio One.  I much prefer Studio One's score editor and the DAW feels fresh and modern and intuitive to use.  However, this is one of Cubase's great features and if you are working a lot with midi and orchestral instruments it is essential.  I hope this feature gets added.