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Can I run two instances of Universal Control on my PC to control both a Studio Live 16.4.2AI and a Studio 1824c?

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asked Apr 13 in Ai Mixers by jjelectric (160 points)
I run my Studio Live 16.4.2 into my 1824c via the S/PDIF and would like to be able to still control the Studio Live 16.4.2 via UC, but when I download the UC for the 1824c it overwrites the UC for the Studio Live 16.4.2 and vice versa.  Thanks for any help.

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answered Apr 14 by mackjohnson1 (71,500 points)
selected May 2 by AlexTinsley
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UC 3.6 and UC 4.0 cannot exist simultaneously. UC 3.6 should work for the 1824c though. That version is listed on the 1824c page under show/hide all versions.