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Can't control Aux mix volume with master fader after installing nsb.

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asked Apr 13 in StudioLive Series III by kevinmcphail (120 points)
I installed the 32.16 nsb yesterday and did everything according to instructions and multiple presonus videos. Everything works fine except I can't control the aux mixes (used as monitor mixes) master volume with the main volume fader. The aux mix is set to post and it is not locked to main volume. I've gone through probably every other related post on here and see the same answers given, I have tried them all and still nothing changes. Maybe I'm missing something simple? I've reset all the networking options a couple times, I've updated/made sure everything was up to date, the aux mix input is set to analog, not network. I think thats everything I've read and tried.

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answered May 27 by Dorday (4,470 points)
If you don’t mind me asking, what mixer are you connecting it to?