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Have 2 mixes setup as sub groups. Can't change them back to aux mix. What am I missing.

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asked Dec 16, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by yobeano (770 points)
I believe this is simple. All I am trying to do is change 2 mixes which have been setup as a subgroup BACK to aux mixes. I just can't find a way to simple do that. Seems crazy but I am lost.

Universal Control - macOS on a Macbook Pro running Big Sur.

Please help.

Cook Cherubino

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answered Dec 16, 2021 by mackjohnson1 (78,260 points)
selected Jan 4, 2022 by mackjohnson1
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In Universal Control, select the Aux Mix channel you want and the Aux, Sub, Matrix options should appear at the top left.