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Request: Automatic Pre-Generation of Virtual Instrument Audio

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asked Apr 24, 2023 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by [email protected] (660 points)
Many composers using many VSTis find their machines bogging down with large track counts because all of the VSTis (if not bounced) are generating audio for playback in real time.  One can combat this by bouncing tracks down when done with a track, but composing is rarely linear track by track, and more like touching tracks in various spots at various times, so bouncing becomes very time consuming.

If instead Studio One used some amount of CPU to pre-render to cached audio in the background (while one is engaged with other tracks or other tasks), it could have lots of the pre-rendered song ready to play as simple audio tracks and be able to handle a MUCH higher track count.  Think of the way video editing programs often work, rendering various parts of the timeline in the background so that playback is smooth.

Basically a track's vsti could play "live" if you were working with midi or parameters in that track, and when you leave that track for others, it could re-render in the background; sort of distributing the CPU load over the session.  Any time a track is played live, its resultant audio could be cached for playback next time, assuming no midi or parameter changes.

This would turn S1 in to a very powerful compositional tool able to handle MANY more tracks than otherwise, while not requiring constant freezing and unfreezing (or transforming and untransforming) of tracks.

Thanks for reading -- vote up if you agree!


  - Steve

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