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Arrange View - Multitrack Music/ Audioloop = Studioloop Or Multiloop

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asked May 1, 2023 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by samirelborno (8,390 points)

I had this idea that goes a little further then just Singletrack Musicloop/ Audioloop as it exist currently.

We all create multiple layers of tracks containing audio and instrument data all the time.
All tracks (audio and instruments) can optionally be put into a track folder but that is not necessary.
When dragging multiple selected or a range of events (audio and instruments) into the browser S1 would offer a new option besides
Singletrack Musicloop or Audioloop/Midi/Pattern. It would offer Studioloop a combination of Musicloop and Audioloop in one format.

If you choose this (new) option:

  • an audio mixdown will be created (during export) so one can easily preview these Multitrack Studioloops in the browser before recalling them.
  • package will be created similar to Singletrack Musicloop/ Audioloop all events, track preset data and audio bounce of single events

The user can also drag that Multitrack Studioloop onto an audio track or into any sampler to further mangle them.

Multitrack Studioloops will store the Trackpresets, routing, color, an audio mixdown of the sum and bounces of all single events like Singletrack Musicloops/ Audioloops do)

This updated and innovative workflow would help us composers/musicians but also sound designers to store packages (multi layered audio and instrument layouts in any combination) including summed mixdown and single event audio previews for easy recall into any song.

All the features seem to be already in place you just need to combine them into this new workflow

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