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Scratch Pads - Batch management

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asked May 1 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by samirelborno (8,370 points)

Scratch pads are a powerful feature in Studio One that allow users to create and store alternative versions of their songs without affecting the main arrangement. However, scratch pads can only be managed individually, which can be cumbersome and inefficient when working with multiple scratch pads. Batch management options would allow users to perform common actions such as sorting, exporting, duplicating, or deleting on multiple scratch pads at once.


• Batch management options would save time and effort for users who need to organize or export their scratch pads.

Possible implementation:

• Batch management options could be added as a context menu that appears when right-clicking on one or more scratch pads in the scratch pad list. Or a new inspector like area or the arranger inspector area could be used for that too.

• The context menu could include options such as sort by name, date, length, or color; export as song, stems, or mixdown; duplicate; or delete that apply to all the selected scratch pads.

• The sort option could arrange the scratch pads in ascending or descending order according to the chosen criteria. Multi selection should be allowed for easy drag and drop re-ordering

• The duplicate option could create copies of the selected scratch pads with a suffix or prefix added to their names.

• The delete option could remove the selected scratch pads from the song.

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