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asked Aug 21, 2021 in Editing by mikebailey5 (360 points)
Ive been looking for a plug-in to browse audio/midi libraries (multis included) to follow the chords in the context of the song. By utilizing scratchpad in conjunction with chord track follow and some simple reorganizing of menus essentially you could turn the scratchpad into the next generation of sample/midi browser.

Especially with music loop libraries.

The Scratch Pad preset menu would represent the construction kit (MULTI) of a sample library preset. The arranger bar sections could represent different sections of the loop. Simply need to add chord presets save menu to the chord track so progressions could be interchanged. Effectively allowing the user to audition construction loop kits in context of the tempo and chord structure of a composition in the main window. If you could browse music loops in the same way you could convert to instruments giving the user further control once added to session.

Another added benefit of chord progression presets allows templates to be made in Scratchpad for one shot chord libraries to be quickly converted to different chord qualities and dropped into Impact. This would allow complete integration with loop and midi libraries.

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