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melodyne5 keeps getting blocked on studio one plug-in detection on mac os

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asked May 8, 2023 in Studio One 6 by ee5 (120 points)
greetings I'm a artist located in South Korea so my english might not be perfect

hope you guys could understand

so the problem is I tried to install melodyne on s1 but every time I try to install the program it kinda keeps looping the install session over and over the program wouldn't launch but it repeats the installation agian

and also my s1 keeps blocking the melodyne plug-in

by the way a use a m 1 mac just in case it matters

here's some things I tried

re-installing melodyne and s1

deleting the setting files

reseting the block list on the options

so.. is there anything i could do more to fix the issue?

hope you guys have a good day

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