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Some suggestions about studio one 6

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Hi developers,
I was a cubase user, and now I use studio one. Studio one 6 is super competent, but I think something should be better.

1. Listen bus
I highly recommend that studio one could have different sets of output. For example, different calibration settings for different monitors, which we can switch rapidly in Cubase. But in studio one, I have to change the routing setting for both main and listen bus, then change the parameters of inserts in listen bus. Too many steps and so inconvenient, right?

2. MIDI events visibility
MIDI events on the main window is always small by default and it's also small for me even though I've scaled it to X-large already, which would ruin my session's layout at the same time(all the things were scaled TOO big except the midi events). In edit panel, it was same, midi events were too small. Every time I opened it, I had to zoom it at first, I couldn't set the default size for it. And the automation line was too subtle to recognize. I could only solve it by change the color scheme, but the main window would be changed as well. I can't set the color individually.

3. Dolby Atmos Support.
Spatial music is becoming popular and Logic, Cubase, Protools are natively dolby atmos music production supported(they have their own 3D panner and also support external DAPS renderer). But studio one now is still a stereo DAW. I hope you could move forward in the aspect.

I like studio one and I hope studio one could be better and more competitive in the future.


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