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Virtual outputs for Iostation ?

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asked Jul 26, 2020 in ioStation24c by cdricblanqui (7,530 points)

Is it possible to define virtual outputs for Iostation ?

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answered Aug 20, 2020 by DominicB (17,160 points)
The ioStation 24c provides 2 virtual software inputs on the Windows platform only through our audio driver. You must install Universal Control software to install this driver and use this functionality on Windows. From within the Universal Control software panel, when the ioStation 24c is selected, you should see an option box for enabling the Virtual Inputs. Once you do that, you can enable other software to output to the virtual channels. These channels show up as Virtual Inputs in your recording software.

Please refer to the ioStation 24c manual available at for more info.
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answered Aug 20, 2020 by cdricblanqui (7,530 points)
Well, i know about virtual inputs ... I was asking about outputs.