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Bad sound quality when playing on my Stage Piano

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asked Jun 9, 2023 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by leonemkepfeiffer (120 points)
I want to play on my Roland RD-600 stage piano while listening to playback via my computer using the Studio 24c USB Audio Interface.

But when the headphones are plugged into the audio interface the stage piano looses a lot of its brightness and generally sounds worse than when i plug the headphones directly into the stage piano.
I tried recording via headphone out, mono out as well as stereo out but the sound quality stays roughly the same. All the knobs have been turned and tested there is no cut-off due to a false adjusted threshold.

I also just updated universal control from 4.0 to 4.1 which did change some issues like general background noise but the sound quality is still not good.

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