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Studio Live AI - AVB Options with Laptop

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asked Jun 19 in Ai Mixers by gastoyz (150 points)
I have a 16.4.2AI series mixer and would love to be able to use a 16.8 stagebox, but all the reading I have done shows you must have a SL-AVB-MIX option card to make this happen, all my searches for this have led to dead ends, no one seems to have one. Is there a work around for this, I really do not want to buy a new mixer, but would love to run a cat cable to a box rather then a large snake. Is there a way to use a latop to do the AVB conversion and connect the stagebox that way? Looking for any and all options without buying a new mixing board. Thanks in advance, and if anyone has a AVB card they are willing to sell, please let me know. Thank you.

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answered Jun 28 by mackjohnson1 (75,750 points)
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The AVB protocol on the AI series mixers is different from the Series III mixers and peripherals, they will not communicate with one another.

You can use an RM AI mixer as a stagebox but you will still need an SL-AVB-MIX option card for the console. The AI AVB protocol is also not compatible with computer communication.