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NSB 16.8 loses connection with Studio Live 32SC when power cycled

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asked Sep 1 in Networked Stage Box by kevinconstantine (180 points)
Hi, just purchased an NSB 16.8 box for my Studio Live 32SC. Works great, but I notice when I power down and power back up, I loose the connection even thought the NSB is still assigned in the Remote I/O menu and AVB Streams menus. If I do a simple unassign and then reassign in the AVB Input Stream menu then everything comes back.

Question: Am I doing something wrong in the set set up? Is this the way it is intended to operate? Or is it a bug that I simply need to manage? No a big deal operationally, just an extra step that I have been doing on power up. I'm able to reproduce it on every power cycle.

FYI - I have the latest FW on the Studio Live. Not sure about the Stage Box, but will check if you recommend it.


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answered Sep 2 by encinitastemple (460 points)
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Hi Kevin,

I have found the connection (handshake between stage box and mixer) always works if and only if I turn on the stage box first, allow it to boot up for a minute, and then boot up the mixer and wait 1-2 minutes  

Also, make sure the stage box is on and handshake completed before saving any scene involving the stage box as you can clobber the scene otherwise.

Good luck