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Please Fix Folder Relationship Bugs Between Arranger & Mixer

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asked Jul 8, 2023 in Studio One+ by rickybarr (480 points)

This Is a difficult request to add as one request. Specifically I am asking to repair the way Studio One behaves as soon as Folders are introduced to a session. It is not working as it should. I've read multiple post that have pointed out the  Problem since 2021. Why has it not been Fixed ??? After how many updates ? Just fix it already !! 

Mute behaves strangely, track names are not in sync, even fader's are not in sync between the arranger and the console when folders are used. These oddities happen randomly making it very difficult to trust how Studio one will be-have when mixing. Considering there is no option to work around this bug except to Not have folder's in a session or to always second guess where your faders might be, constantly check if track names are syncing, and having to open the inspector or console every-time you would like to un-mute a folder in the arranger is completely un-professional. FIX THIS  and be done with it. 

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