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Universal Control not pulling up mixer for my Studio 24c

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asked Jul 12 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by brett.freshour (150 points)
I am on a MacBook Pro OS Monterey 12.5, I downloaded the latest Universal Control v4.1.0.93124. I installed on my computer and ran UC and while it recognizes my Studio 24c, I don't see a mixer. How do I use UC for my Studio 24c?

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answered Aug 7 by AlexTinsley (924,630 points)
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There is no mixer for the Studio 24c. (or for the Studio 68c) only the Studio 1810c and 1824c have a mixer application that is in Universal Control.

Perhaps what you're looking for is Studio One, please review the user guide for your Studio 24c on how to setup your interface and a walk through on setting up Studio One to use with the interface.