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Upgrade "Show Related Channels" shortcut

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asked Aug 29, 2023 in Editing by dotcom12161984 (4,340 points)
Show Related Channels should show all subsidiaries of the parent track and hide everything else or i should be able to write a macro like......Example:  

1. Select Scene (1) (scene has just my drum bus)      

2. First track (selects my drum bus)  

3. Show related Channels (I want this to show not only the channels that are directly connected to this bus but anything that's connected to those channels etc. etc.),

4.Hide Disabled Tracks.  

5. Update Scene (updates scene and shows any new tracks i connect to bus or channels connected to it)

Currently "show related channels" only shows whatever is directly connected to it so if i have 3 busses connected to the bus i want to see the related channels for it will only show me those 3 busses and not the tracks that are connected to those 3 busses. Example: DRUM BUS has  Kick & Snare BUS, Hats BUS, and Perc BUS, but won't show the actual kick, snare, closed hat, open hat, cymbal, shaker etc etc etc.

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