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The Sound Variation color linked to a note

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asked Aug 30, 2023 in Sound Variations by (250 points)
Dear PreSonus team, I'd like to add some suggestions to the mentioned by my colleagues.  Is it possible to use the Inspector to add a particular sound variation according to its color: I choose blue palm mute - I can put a palm mute, I choose then  green harmonics - I can put harmonics, and palm mutes won't suddenly sound? If I copy blue notes and paste farther they will stay palm mutes - I won't have to assign the proper SV again.  For the reference I may offer using BRSO Articulate in FL Studio - it's limited though very fast and convenient!
  I appreciate your efforts and unlimited amount of SV but could you, please, make the workflow more efficient?

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answered Oct 24, 2023 by marcotrosi (1,420 points)
I agree, please support coloring notes by SoundVariation / Articulations.