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Enhanced Export to Show Page

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asked Apr 9 in Show Page by cjb2293 (1,050 points)
Currently in order to add files to the show page you must have an already printed audio file or you can bounce a master file from your song page.

It would be great to add a feature to bounce several files to multiple players at once from a song page into the show page.

For example - my band runs keys, bass, and background vocals all as separate tracks. It would greatly increase workflow to select all bass files and be able to map them to the bass player in the show page before exporting.

2 Answers

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answered Apr 10 by charlessahver (140 points)
You can go to your browser then go to files and pull the stems you want in the show page over.
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answered Apr 21 by juandavidartalrangel (990 points)
Yes, Something like the export stems window but optimized to show page. I'd also like a check box to select between export realtime and offline, that option is hidden in the options menu, and it's linked with update master file feature