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Speaker set up for surround mixng

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asked Oct 2, 2023 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by jeffgillilan (450 points)
I am not getting a clear picture from PreSonus on how to set up my 5.1 speakers using a Studio Live 3 rack mount & UC. (Too early I guess after the 6.5 release) It looks like the WDM drivers are a problem. When I switch to 5.1 in Studio One the default for surround is Channels 1 - 6. To playback in stereo my UC is set to 37/38. So do I output to 37-42. But my aux channels don't go that high. I tried outputs 1-6 but no playback until I go back to 37/38. Do you have any videos or text on this yet or are one of you planning on doing one for surround sound speaker set up? I just ordered a Studio Mac. Would a Mac be an easier set up for my audio interface system? I asked PreSonus about the Mac being easier but they don't endorse any products over the other.

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