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My Studio 6 Artist is popping and clicking when I play and record.

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asked Oct 8, 2023 in StudioLive Series III by manderoo710 (110 points)
I'm using a Studio Live 32sx with Studio 6 artist Daw. And I am also using Universal control. I'm routing my master L/R through usb send 1+2 on universal control into my console.  And I'm routing my tracks on Studio 6 into my console, then back into Studio 6 as Master 1+2 outs recording them into a stereo track, so I can hear how my console effects it. I am using windows 11 and a really strong computer. Iv'e tried changing the sampling rate, they are all on the same rate. I'm on 48khz. I have also tried making my buffer rate lower when recording, for better latency. and higher when mixing. I know the clicking isn't in the audio because Iv'e listened to the same parts over and over, and it always happens at a different time. The only time it is in the audio is when I record my master out back into my Daw.  I feel like Iv'e tried everything maybe you could help me?

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answered Oct 8, 2023 by perduemike1 (180 points)
Mine done the same thing. I had to go to my BIOS on my computer and turn a lot of stuff off that I wasn't using and it stopped. Need to get a IT person to do this or you can mess stuff up. Plus this was the only thing I use my computer for. Hope this helps