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Kontakt Migration

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asked Oct 16, 2023 in Studio One 5 by chrisarchinet (580 points)

After a PC crash and full re-install,
Studio One 5 reinstalled and Kontakt 7 reinstalled.
But Studio One says  Instruments are not installed even if I see all instruments in the Kontakt 7 list menu.
The thing is that many of my music compositions were evolutive in the time, historically made with Kontakt 5 and 6 and 7.
So it doesnt load the instruments (huge quantity) added with the missing old kontakt versions.
Don't we have a way to tell Studio One that all those compositions and instruments are now managed by one single kontakt version ?

Thanks for your help,
best !

1 Answer

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answered Oct 18, 2023 by chrisarchinet (580 points)
By the way, I decided to re-install Kontakt 5 and then, Kontakt 6, and then Kontakt 7.
And now when I load my composition files in Studio One, it seems to retrieve almost all my instruments.

Weird thing with Kontakt, I am wondering if Software Update means actually a different software each time........ ?