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[NI Kontakt 6 VST3] Instrument Track shows Event Input instead of Midi Channel for Kontakt

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asked Sep 26, 2021 in Studio One 5 by timseet (290 points)

Hey guys,

I've only just recently started familiarizing myself with S1(Pro 5.4) and recently got Kontakt recently with the NI sale. I've been trying to route multiple midi tracks through a single instance of Kontakt. I found the vid by Gregor on this( but find myself stuck at part where I'm supposed to select the MIDI output channel for my track.

Instead of Midi Channel, what I see is Event Input 1. I've tried loading other VSTs and they work fine. The problem seems to be unique to Kontakt.

I've tried creating a new song, creating new tracks etc. but it all seems to work the same.

Would anyone happen to know if I can fix this? It would be really appreciated.

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answered Oct 11, 2021 by philippdei (140 points)
Hi there,

I've encountered the same thing lately. I'm using Kontakt 6 for quiet some time now in Studio One and after the latest update of Kontakt 6 (6.6.1 I guess) Studio One dosen't show the midichannel name like CH 1-16 but as Event Input 1-16

So when you are routing your Kontakt instance your midichannel CH 1 is Event Input 1, CH 2 is Event Input 2 up to Event Input 16. Everything should work like in the tutorial the only thing is that the midichannel is called differently.
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answered Nov 12, 2021 by tomscheutzlich (230 points)
Native Instruments just confirmed that a fix will go into the next Kontakt update (6.7).
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answered Apr 8, 2023 by arielgaldames (510 points)
This still happens to this day, someone know how to fix it?
because it messes up the list of MIDI CC automation parameters, and shows like a 5000 parameters instead of 127 per each MIDI channel.