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How to fix timing issue in Melodyne (FL Studio)

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asked Oct 18, 2023 in Computer Based Recording & Production by PhilipKroep (120 points)
It seems I have the same problem as:

However, I can't find 'the drop down menu where the tempo is set within the melodyne editor to select project tempo so it restores the audio file back to the way it was originally recorded' since I work in fruity loops....

Can anyone help me further? Melodyne is horribly ******** up my timing every time and I've had this problem for a year.

Please find the following video:

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answered Oct 22, 2023 by davidgroeneveld (2,910 points)
Two things: first make sure that the track is set to Don't Follow instead of Timestretch.
If that doesn't work please turn to Celemony and/or Imageline for help.