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Delay per articulation within template

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asked Oct 19, 2023 in MIDI Editing by jackiegu (440 points)
Hey team, since most professional orchestral libraries has tons of articulation that comes with different attack time, woudn't it be great that we are able to set delay time per articulation when we make our sound variation templates? Because otherwise sound variation template is limited in the scoring domain since we usually create articulation per track so we can set the delay time accordingly for realistic mock up.

EXP: if i use sound variation template for my string library, which means i will have all articulations on the same track, including staccato and legato. because legato has a slower attack time to due to the slur sample, if I set the delay time of the track according to the sound of legato, the staccato would come out too early. Wise versa, legato would come out late if i set the delay time according to staccato.

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answered Jan 13 by Lukas Ruschitzka (256,440 points)
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Duplicate request.

There are already several threads on this feature in "Sound Variations".
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answered Nov 20, 2023 by suranovsky (190 points)
Oh yeah, this would be great, PreSonus.
Maybe one more step further. In each Articulation might by also differences of the recorded attack. Something like dynamic delay handling would be great. But simple delay correction per Artikulation would be a great start.

If you don't know what we mean, look at Digital Performer. It has this already and Im really considering to switch to that DAW just because of this. I love S1 but Im getting sick of thousands of tracks just because of this.