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Two Studio Live Mixers: One for Live and One for Recording

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asked Oct 31, 2023 in StudioLive Series III by daviddejoy (200 points)
I have two studio live mixing console. Our series III is used for live sound. I want to know if I can use the second as a recording/livestream setup. Can I get the same inputs to both consoles? I understand there are aux and matrix solutions. I want the physical hardware component to our particular solution. If this is possible, how would I accomplish this and what (if any) cables/connections would I need.

THank you

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answered Nov 4, 2023 by robertweston2 (4,900 points)
The easiest way (and least expensive) is to use a basic analog XLR snake splitter.  All mics would connect into the splitter head, and then a separate feed of cables (from the splitter snake) connects to the live sound console, and the other feed connects to the recording console.  Each console would have their own control over the gain.  This is a very common setup for what you are needing.

All you need is an analog snake splitter.  Take a look at them on the Internet... I have used them many times for shows; one "trunk" feeds FOH, and the other feeds monitors.