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Using the SW5E, is it possible to switch between two Series III RM mixers using the Series III console

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asked Oct 30 in StudioLive Series III by marcusseisay (150 points)
I am tasked with finding a new house system and I am going with Presonus in my proposal.  The features of the 32 Series III Console with the 32R Series III look phenomenal but I am wanting the ability to expand out to more than 32 inputs.  Before I propose the CS 18 with two 32 RML’s, I want to be sure that there isn’t a way to get the 64 channels on stage even with the caveat of controlling only 32 channels at a time in the Series III ecosystem using the SW5E.

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answered Nov 1 by jonnydoyle (86,210 points)
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The Series III mixers are 32CH max, there is no cascading on the Series III as you find with the RM setup.