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Autosave I want to be able to have as many saves as I want

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asked Nov 6, 2023 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by gregslauenwhite (170 points)
Autosave is great but limits the amount of saves available. I want to have all the autosaves so I can access any version of a song I that is saved by date and time. I would like unlimited saves or the option to select how many saves. I can manage the hard drive space the files aren't that big. Please take the restriction off the autosave. Right now I think it is about 10 saves before it starts deleting previous saves. Why would you do this? Let me determine how many old saves I want. I don't want to be having to save 100 different versions of the same song when autosave can do that for me. I can read a time date stamp.


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answered Jan 2 by russellsmith4 (410 points)
I agree. There needs to be more autosaves available to the user. 10 is NOT enough. Especially if you are saving every 5 minutes. Pro Tools allows up to 100 autosaves. it is a necessary feature for a professional DAW.