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A.I text to Audio Samples creation .

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asked Nov 29, 2023 in Editing by duneglow (150 points)
edited Nov 29, 2023 by duneglow
I thought it was a great idea that Photoshop incorporated AI tools into its workflow. I think that S1 would greatly benefit in the addition of an A.I tool that would allow us to use text prompts to generate unique audio samples for us.  Imagine needing a particular sample of a groovy bass playing an 8 bar riff on an upright bass in Em and instead of having to scour the net looking for it, wouldn't it be amazing if AI could create it for us? That's how A.I is being used in Photoshop. I as a Photoshop user no longer need to go and search for images that I need to add to my creations, I can add them with AI with a single click.  This  ability for Sample creation would be such a time saver in StudioOne. This is not about A.I creating whole songs for us, this is about A.I being used as a tool to speed up our workflow.

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