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Why are the markers on Studio One make the session so heavier?

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asked Dec 4, 2023 in Show Page by chapola (220 points)

I have two questions:

First: Why  the markers on Studio One makes the session so heavier?
I use a Studio One Song Project age to use samples and VS on my band concerts.
I use a song project because I heve to make some edit in some cases, at certain shows.
I use the ARRANGE to name the musics of the setlist (and put it in order) ,and I use the MARKERS to mark the arrange of each song (intro, verse, chorus, bridge, solo ...). 

If the band makes a mistake of a part, or get out of the metronome, I can Pause the ruler, navigate to the next session of the song, and press play again, because the samples and VS are an important part of the show.

Sometimes I use the STOP MARKERS to make pauses in the middle of some songs. This so interesting to the show.

BUT , the immense quantity of markers on my session, makes it sooo heavier. Crashes are common.
If I have to export some mixdown , it takes about 2 minutes for the mixdown window to appear.
So I test it with no Markers , and the session was so much lighter. The export window task opens instantly.

I have to use the markers, so Why are the markers on Studio One make the session so heavier?

HOWEVER, I try to use my samples and VS in the SHOW PAGE.
But , this page not works for me for some reasons:
- I can edit the metronome of each imported song (stems), to mark the arrenge sessions on the perfect spot (I use time code to send program changes for a keyboard and a guitar rig via midi, I have to use accurate time to change it)
- Some musics have some click changes , and I can't edit this on SHOW PAGE.
- I cant ARM the ruller in the middle of a song , in case of a band mistake , and I have to play in the second chorus, for example , like I use in the SONG PAGE.
- And is not easy to make to edit in a song in this SHOW PAGE. I would need to export it to a song project, make the changes and then put it back on the show page

If these questions are fixed on SHOW PAGE , I would be very happy to migrate to this system

Sorry my bad English
Thanks for your attention

From a great enthusiast and promoter of Studio One and Presonus Products in Brazil.
Im happy to use Studio One since 2010 and how the tech support works on improvements.


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