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8 Channel version of FaderPort/CS18AI at <1k price point.

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asked May 17, 2016 in FaderPort Classic by adamkremmel (330 points)
CAN we please get an 8 Channel FaderPort or CS8Ai?  Some of us only need 8 faders and would be fine banking with groups of 8.  Making an 8 Channel bank version would open you up to a market to compete with the X-Touch product line and would permit smaller users who don't need a 2k control surface to have moving faders on their 16 channel rack mounts.

An 8 Channel version of the Faderport/CS18AI would be the perfect sub 1k option for physical faders of a rm16ai or for those of us with smaller studios who would be thrilled to have a great integrated product by personus to use in Studio one and with the RM16ai.

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answered Nov 10, 2016 by ghasenbeck (355,660 points)