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Studio One 6 not acknowledging options for I/O

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asked Dec 8, 2023 in Studio One 6 by jonathonsmoot (120 points)
edited Dec 8, 2023 by jonathonsmoot

Hoping someone has a fix. All of a sudden, my Studio One 6 is not showing any routing options for my inputs of a my Neural DSP Quad Cortex. It doesn't do this when i switch to other interfaces, but it still will not record any audio. Never had any issues like this before. 

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answered Dec 9, 2023 by rohansagar (140 points)
So, I'm trying to make the jump from Reaper to Studio One. Today is the first day I'm attempting to track in Studio One. I like how I can select the interface right from the start menu, but then when I open the project to setup all the tracks, I am unable to find any of the 14 inputs from my interface. I have the option to select inputs, but am only given L and R as my options... I can setup as many tracks as i want, but each one only has the option of L or R...